Monday, 25 November 2013

A verse of Juan Rodolfo Wilcock's.

Don’t stay far away from me for long 
unless you want memory to devour all 
and leave no space for the present, 
I often see you now beneath the trees, 
the streets repeat you, the bathtub, 
rooms, records, and the sea’s the same 

From Juan Rodolfo Wilcock, Poesie (Adelphi, 1996)

Translated by Alexander Booth in the newsletter of the Friends of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome.

And here is a link to the piece about Juan Rodolfo Wilcock and others at the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome: 


  1. Please do acknowledge the translator and source of the translation: Alexander Booth, Newsletter of the Friends of the Non-Catholic Cemetery in Rome.

    Glad, however, to learn of your interest in Wilcock's work

    1. yes, apologies - have rectified this. I had copied this translation without being able to find where I had got it from. If you have a link please send it on and I will add this too. (other translations on the site are my own).

    2. No problem -- here is a link to the PDF:

      No. 18, Spring 2012 - 'Poets in the Cemetery'

      Are you familiar with Treccani's 'Segnali sul nulla'? Some interesting reflections & essays therein!

      Tanti saluti,

      Misera e stupenda città

    3. Thanks very much. I was looking for Segnail sul nulla the last time I was in Italy but the bookshop where I usually order my books couldn't find it on their systems and I haven't been able to find it via the internet either. Any idea where it can be found? saluti,

    4.'s kind of a pain: you have to order it directly from Treccani and they do nothing to make it particularly easy on you..I had to call them in order to get the right information (their site's not too helpful either)..but, it can be done! Im bocca al lupo!